Week of March 1, 2021

Robert Floyd
Founder, Designer
Mar 2, 2021

This post has been three weeks in the making, too much to do and too little time, I suppose.

Carbon to HealthcareOS

We are pivoting from working on Carbon to working on HealthcareOS. The reason for this is simple, to make sure that our end goal is achievable and solving the right problem. The issue with Carbon is that it is too narrowly focused on solving a very specific sub-set of the problem. While this, traditionally, is a good thing, we feel that by validating our end goal that we have a much better chance of securing funding. Additionally, this helps us gain traction with potential customers and users.

This is a three-month project that we’ve set for ourselves to build out the core features in a fake clickable prototype format. The design process will be clinician-informed that aims to take direct user feedback and incorporate it into the solution. In fact, we’ve already had three different clinicians give us initial feedback. This has already added so much value to what we’re doing and has given us some great ideas. It has also helped us understand the full scope of the solution we need to build in this prototype to be able to really validate the solution. We’re not trying to build a fully working EHR. What we’re doing is building a prototype that fakes it well enough to validate some of our core assumptions about workflow, UX, and feature set.

More to come in the coming weeks and I’m hopeful that there won’t be too much time until the next update.

Until next time, ✌️

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