January 28, 2021

Robert Floyd
Founder, Designer
Jan 28, 2021

Say it with me, Mo-men-tum. That’s the best way to describe the last week. We’ve had a pretty eventful week with lots of movement.

This is one of the most important things for any small startup team. Momentum can make a huge difference in morale and help push progress through when things are tough. Right now, momentum is helping us refine our strategy and build our product.

Joining New Communities

We’ve joined the ScaleHealth community. I’m excited about the potential of connecting with other innovators in the health-tech space. I’m looking forward to connecting with other startups in the ScaleHealth community and using their resources to connect with pertinent industry professionals and resources.

Connecting with New Advisors

As we’ve said, we’re on the hunt for clinical advisors. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with several over the last week and wow. These conversations are always the most exciting. Hearing from real users about their problems and brainstorming with them about ways to solve those problems is a ton of fun and so invigorating.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with a physician in sports medicine. We had a great conversation about documentation and the struggles therein. Our conversation gave me confidence that we are solving the right problem. We’re not beholden to the product or the direction but we are beholden to the process and the problem.

Carbon is Nearly Here

I know I’ve said this like 6 times now, but this time I really mean it. We’ve had to change our approach with Carbon to make it an invite-only product for now for two reasons.

  1. HIPPA Compliance – Unfortunately, we’re not able to make Carbon HIPPA compliant right now which means that it can’t be used in active practice. While it is completely secure, it just isn’t HIPPA compliant. Thankfully, while a problem, it doesn’t totally handicap us because….
  2. User Testing – We can now more intentionally work with users to test and validate features on Carbon instead of making it a huge free-for-all (not that we’ve had a ton of people on the waiting list). This allows us to be more intentional with testing and iterating and it allows us to create advocates for the product by giving those users invites to send to their colleagues.

You should see a launch announcement early next week detailing our plans for Carbon and where we’re going.

Until then, ✌️

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