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Week of July 6, 2020

Robert Floyd
Founder, Designer
Jul 6, 2020

The great thing about doing weekly updates is that it holds me accountable to keep up the progress. However, the flip side is that right now a lot of our progress is taking shape over the course of weeks instead of days. This means that it will be a few weeks still until there is any sizable progress to share.

I know, I know. I promised some visual goodness this week and I’m letting you down on that. However, I hope that the progress that we do make will be well worth the wait.

We’re doing a lot of things “under-the-hood” around process and communication that is helping us streamline that progress as well.

We’ve set up a Notion account for keeping track of timelines, tasks, and decisions. We’re using Airtable to power our test database. And we found a great solution for video conferencing and Slack-style chat that we hope to use in the future.

See you all next week!

Until then, ✌️

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