Project Alloy Update #1

Week of June 29, 2019

Robert Floyd
Founder, Designer
Jun 29, 2019

The first of, hopefully, many updates for Project Alloy. This week was a lot of information architecture, feature planning, and overall app hierarchy.

As mentioned below, the largest problem with current EHR solutions is the complexity. Sometimes you have to break something down to it’s simple, easy to use roots in order to figure out the best way forward.

High-Level App Structure

Initial thoughts for the information architecture for Project Alloy. The question, how to get a physician through the steps and pages necessary for them to complete an interaction. Where do they need to go back and look at old info? How do they input new info?

Appointment User Flow

The biggest opportunity for improvement in current EHRs is the charting process. The way a physician charts or creates a note on their visit is extremely complicated and convoluted. This shot explores how a physician may flow through an entire visit and explores some options for custom modular notes/charts that can help them focus on the needs of the patient in front of them while maintaining accurate and clear notation.

High-Level App Structure

While the nuance and nitty-gritty details are massively important, I wanted to take a very high-level approach to how Project Alloy’s app might be organized. This helps me understand the base functionality and features that need to be considered. Many EHRs and EMRs have so much more detail than this. I think it’s important to differentiate via simplicity to understand the core needs and features for a physician.

Information Nesting

For doctors, the chart isn’t separate from a patient but rather an aspect of a patient’s profile. Unfortunately, many EHRs and EMRs have them split out and splintered across many separate areas and screens. This visualization helps me to identify where information lives and how it interacts with other vital areas.

That’s it for this week, next week I’ll be spending time chatting with a few more doctors and getting feedback on some existing designs. Be on the lookout for more to come!

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