Project Alloy Update #2

Week of July 5, 2019

Robert Floyd
Founder, Designer
Jul 5, 2019

This week consisted of one very important call. The first official user-feedback session for Alloy! It was a great call and I collected a lot of great feedback. This session also sparked an idea to build out a very basic functional prototype that users can interact with in their browser.

Take Good Notes

Some days, you don’t necessarily create something cool and flashy. In fact, some days you have to take those cool and flashy things and tear them to bits to make sure they work properly. And during those days, the only thing you end up with is a bulleted list.

Today is one of those days. I had the first ever user-driven design review with a physician for Project Alloy. We took a look at early, early designs and he gave me his honest, sincere feedback. It wasn’t a user test per se but it got me thinking and gave me great direction for moving forward. That’s even more exciting than putting up something flashy and cool.

Iterations on Iterations

Working on some more iterations of the Project Alloy charting experience. One of the most difficult aspects of current charts is the lack of modularity, thus fixing doctors into one way of structuring their notes and potentially forcing them to do work they may not need to do. This solution aims to provide the tools necessary for a doctor to create a chart but let them do it in the order and way they want to do it.

I’ve also started building a live functional prototype to help test flows and functionality. You can check it out here.

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