Project Alloy Update #7

Week of April 13

Robert Floyd
Founder, Designer
Apr 25, 2020

I am going to start structuring these updates as retrospectives(what I got done) and planning(what I intend to do) for the next week. I’m hopeful this will keep me accountable to where we’re going.

Last Week

As I noted late last week, I got a few new things updated and made some new plans. There’s not a lot else to go over here, if you’re interested you can read update #6.

This Week

This week I’m planning a few big things.

First, I’m planning to get the final version of our charting experience into development. This is an important step to begin validating our approach and flow for the software.

Second, I’m meeting with a potential new team member who may be able to provide a unique perspective when it comes to EMRs and healthcare documentation.

Third, and as always, I’m on the hunt for physician testers and volunteers. If you know of anyone, let me know.

That’s it for this week. Fairly short and to the point.

See ya next week!

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