Together Is Better

Alloy #10 – Week of May 11

Robert Floyd
Founder, Designer
May 11, 2020

Last Week

Last week, I met with one of our collaborators who had some wonderful insight into the note-taking process and general vision of this project. She shared some wonderful articles with me but one, in particular, stands out. This article, titled The Downside of Healthcare Design, does a wonderful job of articulating some of the struggles with designing for healthcare companies. I would encourage everyone to read it. One line stands out:

Happier clinicians should conceivably create improved patient experiences and, thus, should beget a higher loyalty.

This is exactly the idea I’ve been thinking. I’m hopeful that in a few years’ time, we will be able to track with some certainty the causation of happier and healthier physicians with better patient outcomes and patient experiences.

I also spent some time working on better understanding clinical note language. Part of our app will rely on Natural Language Processing(NLP) to help a physician create and manage clinical documentation. I’m working on a way to document and link together various words, sentences, and phrases within a note. Sound confusing? It is for me too. Hopefully, I am able to provide some more clarity on that in the coming weeks.

This past week, I was reminded of a book by Simon Sinek called Together is Better. This book sits on a shelf right above my desk for easy access. This book reminds me that our best work won’t happen in isolation but with others around us. I am thankful for everyone so far who has lent their voice to this process and has help craft what we’re building.

This Week

This week I’m working on:

  • CPOE Research – The process for a physician to enter treatment plans into an EMR.
  • NLP Research – Using the words, sentences, and phrases a physician uses to inform the end result of documentation.
  • Variables and templating – Creating simple but powerful template structures using variables that empower physicians to do their jobs faster.

That’s it for this week!

See ya next week!

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