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healthcareOS is an ambitious rethinking of the traditional EMR. It uses a modular system to empower clinicians to access the information they need quickly and easily.

Problems with Current EMRs

Anyone who has used an EMR knows that there are a litany of problems with them now. And while they have improved greatly over the last few years, those problems still remain.


Every clinician knows the challenges of needing that one piece of information when they don’t have it. Or vice versa, having more information than they need. Current EHRs are either too tailored or too general for many physicians.

Documentation Burden

Dot phrases and templates can only go so far in empowering physicians to move through charting and notes quickly.  Many EHRs have created endless menus and selections for physicians to code their notes properly.

Maintenance and Security

The current generation of EMRs often require expensive hosting, required downtime, and manual updates. This reduces physician productivity and creates extra costs for smaller practices. This then creates extra barriers to entry for new practices trying to get a new EMR.

Extensibility and Integrations

No two clinicians practice medicine exactly the same way. And more importantly, many clinicians want to experiment with newer technology that can help them practice better. Current EMRs aren’t as accessible as they could be to third party products that can help clinicians.

How is HealthcareOS different?

HealthcareOS uses a modular system to present information to clinicians in a timely, customizable way.

Spaces empower users to prioritize what they need, when they need it.
Flows and Modules
Spaces are made up of flows. Flows are a series of modules that can be customized by the user
Modular Notes
Modular notes combine reusable blocks of text and rich content embeds to provide a robust, scalable note taking experience.
NLP and ML
Natural language processing and machine learning underpin each feature to ensure a system that learns and makes clinicians' lives easier.

Who Can Use HealthcareOS?

HealthcareOS is designed for clinicians who juggle the day-to-day of running a practice, a team, and caring for patients. While we're in the exploratory phase, we're happy to talk with any care organization frustrated with their current EMR options.

Direct Care

Virtual-First Care

Primary Care

Urgent Care


Small IDNs

Your Use Case Here

At first glance most physicians will probably be pretty skeptical of a new EMR that promises the world and doesn’t have anything to show for it.

Too often, new tech comes to the scene built by people with grand ambitions. This tech makes big showy promises and then ultimately amounts to nothing.

Of course, no one purposely sets out to do this. Nonetheless, we want to avoid this as much as possible.

This is why we’re doing two things that make healthcareOS unique —

Letting the Process Lead
It’s important for the process of user centered design to lead HealthcareOS. We focus on the process of discovery, learning, and feedback. We collect direct clinician feedback at every step and use that to inform what the product is and how it should be built.
Taking Our Time
The lengthy adoption process and implementation time of many current EMRs actually works in our favor. We can take our time to understand the needs and problems of clinicians and health systems. And importantly, a longer timeline allows us to run experiments (like this one).
All of this to say, that everything you see here is considered “current state.” As of now, this is where we are staking our claim with the future of EMRs. Will this change? Undoubtedly. But as of now, and for the foreseeable future, this is where we believe EMRs have the potential to go.
I hope you'll follow along on this journey.
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