creating a human-first

approach to EHRs

it started with a simple question —
— what if?
What if EHRs were easier to use?
What if EHRs focused on helping physicians provide better care?
What if computers and physicians worked together?
What if technology empowered it's users instead of distracting them?
What if the needs of the physician took priority?
What if EHRs empowered physicians to start and run their own practices?
what if it wasn't called an

Clinician burnout from poor EHR UX continues to make headlines and remains a focus for various regulatory or governmental agencies. And still, many physicians rate their EHRs poorly.

Physicians need a new way to use their computer. A system that helps them fluidly assemble workflows, care for people efficiently, and solve problems quickly.

I’m building HealthcareOS with input from practicing clinicians. Through this process one thing is very clear. This is not an Electronic Medical or Health Record.

It is simply —
Software for taking care of people.
I started this effort because of the pain that I observed my father (a family physician) endure. The late nights, early mornings, missing out on hobbies and life all because he was chained to his computer for many years.
I started by talking to physicians about their experiences and frustrations (these meetings often end up sounding more like a therapy session than user research). Then I talked to others in the health-tech space. I attended events, hosted talks, and formulated my own research.
Since 2017, I’ve devoured everything I can find related to EMRs. I quite literally dream about EMRs.
I’ve been terrified of the problems, excited by the possibilities, and angered by the stores I’ve heard.
I’m prepared to keep at this as long as it takes.
It’s not just making EMRs better. It’s making something totally new.
Join me.
Robert Floyd