The Future of Alloy Health

Alloy Health has a new logo and identity system to further clarify the mission.

Five years ago I began researching EMRs and why they are historically disliked by clinicians. After three years of trying different iterations, I stumbled upon the idea of a modular operating system. A system that isn’t dependent on individual apps but rather uses small, itemized views to render content, data, and actions.

I was immediately drawn to the potential of designing an EMR with this theory. And thus, after some late nights, a few weekends, and many brain twisting ideations later, I had the first design for HealthcareOS. This design continues to evolve to this day and I’m very excited about its potential for empowering clinicians in many different practices and specialties.

Today marks another step on this journey to realizing HealthcareOS. I’m launching a new logo, identity, and website as a foundation for pitching HealthcareOS to the world.

The new logo represents bringing together clinicians and computers. Using the strengths of both to create one whole. It also is a simplified illustration of the modular design framework behind HealthcareOS.

The new logotype is simplified to all lower case with large, open letter forms that present a more friendly look than the previous logo. The name is also shorter now.

All of this culminates in a new marketing site that sets a clearer foundation for what’s to come both for Alloy and for HealthcareOS.

This is merely a beta launch of this new brand. There is so much more to come in 2022 that I am extremely excited about.

Thanks for following along. And thanks to all of you who support this work day in and day out.

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